Alex's Maternity

July 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This pretty mama is about to have a sweet baby boy any day now!!!  Alex and Val are ready to add their second son into their family and Colt is so excited to be a big brother!   We took her pictures on their property in Clarksburg which made a beautiful dreamy location and their son loved running around the field.  Alex is beautiful inside and out and their newest addition will be so lucky to be welcomed into such a sweet loving family.  Congratulations Alex and Val, I can't wait to meet baby boy!

It was so hard to only pick a few to post for the blog, but here are some of my many favorites...

IMG_2570IMG_2570 IMG_2574IMG_2574 IMG_2580IMG_2580 IMG_2587IMG_2587 IMG_2588IMG_2588 IMG_2595IMG_2595 IMG_2597IMG_2597 IMG_2602IMG_2602 IMG_2609IMG_2609 IMG_2612IMG_2612 IMG_2613IMG_2613 IMG_2625IMG_2625 IMG_2631IMG_2631 IMG_2637IMG_2637 IMG_2639IMG_2639 IMG_2642IMG_2642 IMG_2644IMG_2644 IMG_2646IMG_2646 IMG_2647IMG_2647 IMG_2653IMG_2653 IMG_2654IMG_2654 IMG_2658IMG_2658 IMG_2664IMG_2664 IMG_2669IMG_2669 IMG_2673IMG_2673 IMG_2674IMG_2674 IMG_2676IMG_2676 IMG_2679IMG_2679 IMG_2682IMG_2682 IMG_2683IMG_2683 IMG_2703IMG_2703 IMG_2686IMG_2686 IMG_2689IMG_2689 IMG_2687IMG_2687


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