Vanessa's Quinceanera

May 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Happy 15th birthday to Vanessa!   This beautiful girl had an amazing quinceanera earlier this month where she got to celebrate with all of her family and friends.   I couldn't get over how pretty her dress was and how all of her colors and decorations matched her party theme so well.     All of her family and guests were so sweet and welcoming and made me feel like family.  From the delicious food, fun music and Dj, beautiful decorations, and loving family and friends, I know Vanessa had a perfect quinceanera.  Thank you so much to Vanessa and her family for having me document their special day ! 


Here are a few of my favorites...

IMG_7917IMG_7917 IMG_7912IMG_7912 IMG_7929IMG_7929 IMG_7922IMG_7922 IMG_7934IMG_7934 IMG_7905IMG_7905 IMG_7947IMG_7947 IMG_7958IMG_7958 IMG_7965IMG_7965 IMG_7971IMG_7971 IMG_7976IMG_7976 IMG_7977IMG_7977 IMG_7981IMG_7981 IMG_7994IMG_7994 IMG_7999IMG_7999 IMG_8015IMG_8015 IMG_8021IMG_8021 IMG_8063IMG_8063 IMG_8089IMG_8089 IMG_8090IMG_8090 IMG_8113IMG_8113 IMG_8119IMG_8119 IMG_8121IMG_8121 IMG_8193IMG_8193 IMG_8247IMG_8247 IMG_8260IMG_8260 IMG_8158IMG_8158


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