Tori's senior portraits

May 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I know how hard it must be for parents to see their little girls who depended on them become independent adults ready to graduate high school. This beautiful girl is graduating Delta High next month and is off to San Diego for college.    Tori is extremely photogenic and I love how she used all of her sports and club jackets in some of her pictures.  Tori is very involved in sports and FFA and it is not a shock that with her grades and involvement that she was offered so many scholarships to multiple schools.    I had so much fun with Tori taking her senior portraits and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.  Congratulations Tori!!!

Here are a few highlights from her session....

IMG_8627IMG_8627 IMG_8639IMG_8639 IMG_8652IMG_8652 IMG_8660IMG_8660 IMG_8621IMG_8621 IMG_8616IMG_8616 IMG_8588IMG_8588 IMG_8677IMG_8677 IMG_8687IMG_8687 IMG_8705-1IMG_8705-1 IMG_8707IMG_8707 IMG_8710-1IMG_8710-1 IMG_8716-1IMG_8716-1 IMG_8720IMG_8720 IMG_8728IMG_8728 IMG_8732IMG_8732 IMG_8739IMG_8739 IMG_8741IMG_8741 IMG_8757IMG_8757 IMG_8764IMG_8764


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