Lenyn's Mommy and Me session

May 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Being a mom myself I love taking family portraits and enjoy seeing all the different kids and personalities.  As a mom I know how hard it is to get the whole family dressed, hair done, and ready for family pictures.  I also love how the pictures show the kids personalities from all the bloopers which happen to be my favorites.  Getting a picture of everyone looking, smiling and sitting perfect is almost impossible and its not "real life".  Taking family pictures is always so fun for me because I get to see each parents "real life" and I think that what makes the most memorable and perfect pictures.   I had so much fun taking Lenyn's Mommy and Me pictures last week and I was happy her husband was able to jump in for a lot of the pictures.    The last time I got to photograph this adorable family , their little baby  was only a week old!!! Now this cute little girl will be one years old soon.  Lenyn has such a great support system with the kids amazing dad, her two older daughters and their son to all help with the baby.  Even though we were chased by the geese ,  I had so much fun with this sweet family.    Thank you Lenyn  and Gus for a wonderful evening of pictures with you and your adorable kids!! They are so lucky to have two amazing parents!


Here are some of my favorites...

IMG_8917IMG_8917 IMG_8922IMG_8922 IMG_8928IMG_8928 IMG_8945IMG_8945 IMG_8956IMG_8956 IMG_8968IMG_8968 IMG_8972IMG_8972 IMG_8978IMG_8978 IMG_8981IMG_8981 IMG_8991IMG_8991 IMG_8996IMG_8996 IMG_9008IMG_9008 IMG_9009IMG_9009 IMG_9021IMG_9021 IMG_9022IMG_9022 IMG_9025IMG_9025 IMG_9053IMG_9053 IMG_9054IMG_9054 IMG_9041IMG_9041 IMG_9034IMG_9034


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