Kelsey and Dillan

May 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Kelsey and Dillan are engaged and I am so excited for their upcoming wedding this year!!!  Kelsey and Dillan are such a sweet couple and amazing parents.  They brought their adorable daughter Harper to their engagement shoot to steal some of the spotlight with her contagious smile.  They woke up early for a morning shoot in the river delta area and were such troopers with the wind and cold.  I had so much fun spending time with these love birds and I can't wait for their wedding!

Here are a few of my favorites....

IMG_9356IMG_9356 IMG_9369IMG_9369 IMG_9352IMG_9352 IMG_9307IMG_9307 IMG_9290IMG_9290 IMG_8733IMG_8733 IMG_8748IMG_8748 IMG_9380IMG_9380 IMG_9381IMG_9381 IMG_9400IMG_9400 IMG_9465IMG_9465 IMG_9460IMG_9460 IMG_9434IMG_9434


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