Zeke and Ashley's wedding

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Zeke and Ashley had the wedding of the decade last friday at Delta Diamond Farm.  There is so much to say about this amazing wedding from the beautiful venue, the colorful decorations, the fun music and the perfect bride and groom.   I have known Zeke for many years and I couldn't be happier for him that he found his perfect match.  Ashley, is kind, beautiful, considerate, and perfect for Zeke . Not to mention that she looked so gorgeous in her wedding dress.   Her dress had a beautiful long train that was attached to her dress by a sparkling belt.  After the ceremony she took off the train of the dress to dance the night away. Zeke looked so handsome in his custom made Charro suit.  His suit matched perfectly with the style of their  colorful wedding.  They planned to do a first look and they were both so anxious to see each other that they moved their first look up on their timeline.   He didn't want her to see him ,so when she was walking up toward him she had her beautiful bouquet in front of her .  When they saw each other for the first time I could tell it was the best experience  for them.   There were tears of happiness that fell and  love filled the air ; I couldn't help but smile and know that would be a moment they would remember forever.   After their tender sweet ceremony they had everyone in the room tearing up with the speeches that were toasted with shot glasses. They then  kicked off the night with the best first dances I have ever seen. They were so unique and fun and everyone surrounded them to watch.  They had a traditional first dance song and then it lead into a fun fast paced song.  They also had a fun swing dance for the father daughter dance and multiple songs for the mother son dance.   Towards the end of the night everyone was surprised with a delicious taco bar for their guests to enjoy.  The love Zeke and Ashley share for each other is undeniable and I am so happy I got to be apart of their special day.  I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.  


Here are some of the highlights of the night….

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