Eric and Laura's wedding

August 29, 2017  •  1 Comment

The day was filled with beauty and love at the Crocker Art Museum for Eric and Laura's summer wedding.    It was 105 degrees that day but lucky for us it was a indoor wedding and we got to celebrate their love with art masterpieces all around them.  Eric and Laura are so adorable together and I was so thrilled to be apart of their special day.  They decided to do a first look and Eric was mesmerized when he saw how gorgeous Laura looked in her dress.  A lot of people love the idea of a first look because it takes  lot of pressure off of them and they get that special time together before things get very busy with the wedding schedule.  I remember Eric said to me after their first look… "I'm glad we did that, I feel so much better."   They had  a pianist for the ceremony and a guitarist for the cocktail hour.  Everything about their wedding was very unique and personalized for them.   There was a little hick up during the reception when there was a power outage in Sacramento , but the wonderful staff at the Crocker Art got the power back on and the wedding back on track.    When Eric and Laura had their first dance, it  reminded me of a fairytale ball with a prince and princess.  They had an incredible wedding and I can't wait to see what else their fairytale love has planned for them. Congratulations Eric and Laura!


Here are a few of the highlights from their wedding...

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Sandi Solis(non-registered)
It was a magical evening, Congrats!! We are so happy for you both.
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