Chelce and Brad's Wedding

August 15, 2017  •  2 Comments

Chelce and Brad tied the knot in front of all their friends and family last saturday at the beautiful Yolanda Ranch.  It was a beautiful warm day and the perfect setting for their country wedding.  Chelce and Brad came all the way from Texas to have their loved ones share their special day with them.   Chelce and I had only been in communication through email and phone calls, so I was so thrilled when I finally got to meet the beautiful bride on her wedding day.  Chelce looked so beautiful in her dress and her flower crown was perfectly fitting for her style.   Brad looked very handsome and I especially loved his fishing boutonniere.   Their adorable little boy and girl captured smiles from all the guests and it was so sweet to see them all dressed up together. Chelce also did a first look with her dad that was so sweet and emotional.  Chelce and Brad were amazing to work with and I love how you can see and feel the love between them.  Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your special day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Here are some of the highlights from the wedding...

IMG_2985IMG_2985 IMG_2967IMG_2967 IMG_2972IMG_2972 IMG_2973IMG_2973 IMG_2988IMG_2988 IMG_2991IMG_2991 IMG_2996IMG_2996 IMG_3002IMG_3002 IMG_3013IMG_3013 IMG_3020IMG_3020 IMG_3203IMG_3203 IMG_3635IMG_3635 IMG_3642IMG_3642 IMG_3646IMG_3646 IMG_5970IMG_5970 IMG_3034IMG_3034 IMG_3063IMG_3063 IMG_3071IMG_3071 IMG_3075IMG_3075 IMG_3089IMG_3089 IMG_3092IMG_3092 IMG_3097IMG_3097 IMG_3114IMG_3114 IMG_3122IMG_3122 IMG_3124IMG_3124 IMG_3191IMG_3191 IMG_3199IMG_3199 IMG_3540IMG_3540 IMG_3543IMG_3543 IMG_3249IMG_3249 IMG_3255IMG_3255 IMG_3314IMG_3314 IMG_3323IMG_3323 IMG_3329IMG_3329 IMG_3355IMG_3355 IMG_3133IMG_3133 IMG_3141IMG_3141 IMG_3182IMG_3182 IMG_3233IMG_3233 IMG_3237IMG_3237 IMG_3244IMG_3244 IMG_3402IMG_3402 IMG_3424IMG_3424 IMG_3434IMG_3434 IMG_3440IMG_3440 IMG_3447IMG_3447 IMG_3459IMG_3459 IMG_3476-EditIMG_3476-Edit IMG_3481-EditIMG_3481-Edit IMG_3498IMG_3498 IMG_3509IMG_3509 IMG_3511IMG_3511 IMG_3527IMG_3527 IMG_3534IMG_3534 IMG_6555IMG_6555 IMG_3594IMG_3594 IMG_6569IMG_6569 IMG_3707IMG_3707 IMG_3724IMG_3724 IMG_3761IMG_3761 IMG_3767IMG_3767 IMG_6617IMG_6617


Sharmila s(non-registered)
Omg!!! I feel like I just watched a wonderful hallmark movie absolutely beautiful!
Kathy Simeone(non-registered)
Beautiful! I was the florist that day and appreciate all the beautiful shots including flowers. Thank you for sharing.
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