Atlas turned Two!

August 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sweet little Atlas turned two last week and had the best Smurf Party!  I remember taking this cuties pictures when he was a tiny baby and now he is up and running and trying to drive tractors.  A blue tractor was very fitting for his pictures because his family is generations of farmers and the tractor was blue to go with his party theme. Atlas's older brother Owen was not thrilled about having to get up early and take pictures so he decided to make the most of the situation and sleep during the photoshoot.  Some of my favorite pictures are what some people call bloopers, but I call them life with kids.   I love when I can get pictures of the family interacting with each other and everyone doing their own thing during the picture.   I love this family and I am so happy I got to document Atlas's special day.   Happy Birthday Sweet boy!!!

Here are some of my favorites….

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