Racheal and Gina's wedding

July 10, 2017  •  1 Comment

What is a better way to kick off July than with a wedding!!! Racheal and Gina tied the knot July 1st at the beautiful Delta Diamond Farm where they celebrated their love with family and friends.  I knew their wedding would be so fun because of their personalities and the people they surround themselves with.  Racheal and Gina decided to do a first look and they both looked so beautiful in their dresses and boots.  From their sweet , emotional ceremony, to their fun rocking reception, everyone was always laughing and and smiling. We went to the river for some sunset pictures and it was so hot Racheal was so tempted to jump in! The connection Racheal and Gina have is so strong and I feel so honored I was apart of their special day. I want to thank these two beautiful brides for a amazing and beautiful wedding and I can't wait to see what other memories you will make together.   Congratulations Racheal and Gina!!! 


Here are a few of my favorite memories from the wedding...

IMG_1074IMG_1074 IMG_1042IMG_1042 IMG_1032IMG_1032 IMG_1019IMG_1019 IMG_1054IMG_1054 IMG_1133IMG_1133 IMG_1561IMG_1561 IMG_1565IMG_1565 IMG_1092IMG_1092 IMG_1129IMG_1129 IMG_1199IMG_1199 IMG_1307IMG_1307 IMG_1312IMG_1312 IMG_1331IMG_1331 IMG_1341IMG_1341 IMG_1349IMG_1349 IMG_1246IMG_1246 IMG_1254IMG_1254 IMG_1262IMG_1262 IMG_1272IMG_1272 IMG_1279IMG_1279 IMG_1510IMG_1510 IMG_5568IMG_5568 IMG_5575IMG_5575 IMG_5943IMG_5943 IMG_5947IMG_5947 IMG_5951IMG_5951 IMG_5962IMG_5962 IMG_5988IMG_5988 IMG_1437IMG_1437 IMG_1449IMG_1449 IMG_1453IMG_1453 IMG_1545IMG_1545 IMG_1558IMG_1558 IMG_1622IMG_1622 IMG_1658IMG_1658 IMG_1679IMG_1679 IMG_1682IMG_1682 IMG_1685IMG_1685 IMG_1691IMG_1691 IMG_5672IMG_5672 IMG_5678IMG_5678 IMG_5684IMG_5684 IMG_5699IMG_5699 IMG_5716IMG_5716 IMG_5723IMG_5723 IMG_5769IMG_5769 IMG_5803IMG_5803 IMG_5815IMG_5815 IMG_5840IMG_5840 IMG_5999IMG_5999 IMG_6005IMG_6005 IMG_6010IMG_6010


Chelce wise(non-registered)
I love these photos! RG and Gina you look amazing!!!
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