Baby Savanna and Lilliana

July 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Nothing is better than little girls, and when you get two adorable best friends together, life is perfect. These girls are sweet, adorable , and full of sass! I had the best time with Savanna and Lilliana last week taking their pictures. Savanna turned ONE  and she is ready to rule the world and Miss Lilliana is 7 months and ready to start her modeling career.  Their mommy's have been friends for a long time and I know these little girls will have the same special friendship.   Thank you for a fun evening of cuteness Savanna and Lilliana! 

Here are some of my favorites….

IMG_1759IMG_1759 IMG_1770IMG_1770

IMG_1778IMG_1778 IMG_1786IMG_1786 IMG_1784IMG_1784 IMG_1780IMG_1780 IMG_1789IMG_1789 IMG_1834IMG_1834 IMG_1820IMG_1820 IMG_6088IMG_6088 IMG_6097IMG_6097 IMG_1828IMG_1828 IMG_6078IMG_6078 IMG_6068IMG_6068 IMG_1813IMG_1813 IMG_1803IMG_1803 IMG_1808IMG_1808 IMG_1859IMG_1859 IMG_1852IMG_1852 IMG_1879IMG_1879 IMG_1886IMG_1886 IMG_1889IMG_1889 IMG_1761IMG_1761 IMG_1757IMG_1757


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