The Grubb Family

May 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had so much fun with the Grubb family last weekend.  I have not seen this sweet family in over a  year and its so crazy to see how big Eric is and that he is walking! Eric is now a big brother to the cutest little boy Hunter.   Their mom Jessica dressed them in the cutest matching outfits and I can't get over how adorable the boys looked together.  We took their pictures at William Land Park and Eric loved seeing the ducks.  I can't wait to see this great family again next time they need more pictures!  Thank you Jessica, Joel, Eric and Hunter for a fun evening! 

Here are some of my favorites from the session...


IMG_0206IMG_0206 IMG_0214IMG_0214 IMG_0216IMG_0216 IMG_0223IMG_0223 IMG_0234IMG_0234 IMG_0239IMG_0239 IMG_0240IMG_0240 IMG_0258IMG_0258 IMG_0259IMG_0259 IMG_0260IMG_0260 IMG_0273IMG_0273 IMG_0279IMG_0279 IMG_0281IMG_0281 IMG_0295IMG_0295 IMG_0312IMG_0312 IMG_0326IMG_0326 IMG_0336IMG_0336 IMG_0342IMG_0342 IMG_0355IMG_0355 IMG_0367IMG_0367 IMG_0375IMG_0375


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