Marisa's Family Pictures

May 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had so much fun spending the evening with Marisa and her family last weekend!  I am so fortunate to photograph the sweetest  people and I love how she brought her parents so her son can take some with his grandparents .  It was a beautiful day with an amazing family.  There are so many adorable picturesI wanted to post, but here are some of my favorite highlights from their spring session….

IMG_8731IMG_8731 IMG_8738IMG_8738 IMG_8739IMG_8739 IMG_8750IMG_8750 IMG_8761IMG_8761 IMG_8770IMG_8770 IMG_8779IMG_8779 IMG_8786IMG_8786 IMG_8793IMG_8793 IMG_8796IMG_8796 IMG_8801IMG_8801 IMG_8805IMG_8805 IMG_8812IMG_8812 IMG_8818IMG_8818 IMG_8826IMG_8826 IMG_8827IMG_8827


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