Kaitlynn and Tyson's beach engagement

April 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was so lucky to photograph two of the most adorable people last weekend and at my favorite place in the world…the beach!!!  Kaitlynn and Tyson decided to take their engagement pictures at Half Moon Bay State Park .  It was a beautiful day at the beach and I had the best looking subjects to have in front of my camera.  Kaitlynn and Tyson have a connection with each other that is undeniable.  You see see the love and joy they bring to each other and how much fun they have together.  Not only are they amazing to work with, but they were so brave to go into the ocean for a few pictures.  Along for the ride and a few pictures was their adorable dog Charlie wearing his cute bow tie for the special occasion.  Kaitlynn and Tyson will be getting married in September and I am so excited for their wedding.   Thank you so much Kaitlynn and Tyson for a wonderful day at the beach with you !!!


Here are some of the highlights from the day. 


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