Emma and Cesar's engagement

December 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This adorable couple is getting married next year and I am so excited to document their special day!  Emma and Cesar are so sweet together and their connection is so strong and undeniable.   We traveled to Silver Lake to take their engagement pictures to get a "winter look" and it was a success!  Silver Lake was the perfect location for them with the frozen lake, patches of snow, and amazing view.  It was a very cold day at the lake for pictures but I know Emma and Cesar were happy to do the cuddly pictures to stay warm.  Thank you so much Emma and Cesar for an amazing day of pictures, I had the best time with you guys and can't wait for your wedding!
Here are a few of my favorites...

IMG_3898IMG_3898 IMG_3888IMG_3888 IMG_3876IMG_3876 IMG_3906IMG_3906 IMG_3915IMG_3915 IMG_3927IMG_3927 IMG_3936IMG_3936 IMG_3943IMG_3943 IMG_3950IMG_3950 IMG_3952IMG_3952 IMG_3966IMG_3966 IMG_3970IMG_3970 IMG_3973IMG_3973 IMG_3978IMG_3978 IMG_3987IMG_3987 IMG_3992IMG_3992 IMG_4001IMG_4001 IMG_4011IMG_4011 IMG_4027IMG_4027 IMG_4031IMG_4031 IMG_4038IMG_4038 IMG_4047IMG_4047 IMG_4050IMG_4050 IMG_8210IMG_8210 IMG_8221IMG_8221 IMG_8237IMG_8237 IMG_8245IMG_8245 IMG_8255IMG_8255


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