The Parkinson Boys

November 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I get to see these handsome boys almost everyday when I drop off and pick up my kids from school and at soccer; I was so excited that I got to see them all dressed up for their fall pictures last week!   Chase and Cruz are such sweet boys and will be little heartbreakers with their adorable smile and beautiful eyes.  I know that taking these picture were not the highlight of their day, but they did so well and they knew it meant a lot to their mom .   Thank you so much Chase and Cruz for making my job so easy and fun!

Here are a few of my favorites….

IMG_3027IMG_3027 IMG_3031IMG_3031 IMG_3019IMG_3019 IMG_3024IMG_3024 IMG_3015IMG_3015 IMG_3032IMG_3032 IMG_3037IMG_3037 IMG_3041IMG_3041 IMG_3050IMG_3050 IMG_3055IMG_3055 IMG_3056IMG_3056 IMG_3068IMG_3068 IMG_3070IMG_3070 IMG_3077IMG_3077 IMG_3082IMG_3082 IMG_3086IMG_3086 IMG_3092IMG_3092 IMG_3098IMG_3098 IMG_3104IMG_3104


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