The Bodishbaugh fall family pictures

November 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Bodishbaugh family makes me so happy and I love every time I get to see them and take their pictures!!!  I have been photographing them for many years from engagement , weddings, maternity, family , newborn,  and 1st birthday .  I was so excited to take their fall pictures with beautiful Savannah running around and their adorable dog Bane in the colorful cherry orchards at Delta Diamond Farm.   I could not ask for a better family to photograph and their love for each other will melt your heart!    Savannah was ready to be on the go and explore and Bane had so many things to smell.    When taking pictures with kids and pets its very hard to get everyone looking and doing what you want and I  as a parent myself love the bloopers.  The bloopers are a favorite because its real life and they make you smile and remember every moment. Thank you so much to this picture perfect family for always allowing me to document your special moments! Here are a few of my favorites...

IMG_1648IMG_1648 IMG_1650IMG_1650 IMG_1660IMG_1660 IMG_1669IMG_1669 IMG_1671IMG_1671 IMG_1680IMG_1680 IMG_1681IMG_1681 IMG_1684IMG_1684 IMG_1696IMG_1696 IMG_1697IMG_1697 IMG_1704IMG_1704 IMG_1720IMG_1720 IMG_1723IMG_1723 IMG_1732IMG_1732 IMG_1742IMG_1742 IMG_1749IMG_1749 IMG_1753IMG_1753 IMG_1766IMG_1766 IMG_1769IMG_1769 IMG_1788IMG_1788 IMG_1789IMG_1789 IMG_1800IMG_1800 IMG_1802IMG_1802 IMG_1805IMG_1805 IMG_1813IMG_1813


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