Moreno Fall Family Pictures

November 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

I absolutely  love this family!!!! The Moreno family is so sweet, loving, and fun and I was so thrilled they wanted me to take their fall family pictures!   I have known them a very long time and its so sweet to see how much fun they all have together.  The newest member in their family is cute little Jaxson.  He had me working hard to get him to smile and he has the best fan club around him.  We took their pictures at a family home in Clarksburg in the beautiful vineyards.   Everyone was such a great sport with taking pictures that evening, even when the Dodger World Series Game was on during the time of the session...  (They are a group of Dodger fans).    Thank you for making my job so much fun, I am so lucky to capture the best families!

Here are a few of my favorites....

IMG_1185IMG_1185 IMG_1191IMG_1191 IMG_1196IMG_1196 IMG_1199IMG_1199 IMG_1202IMG_1202 IMG_1205IMG_1205 IMG_1213IMG_1213 IMG_1215IMG_1215 IMG_1217IMG_1217 IMG_1220IMG_1220 IMG_1225IMG_1225 IMG_1239IMG_1239 IMG_1241IMG_1241 IMG_1242IMG_1242 IMG_1250IMG_1250 IMG_1260IMG_1260 IMG_1266IMG_1266 IMG_1282IMG_1282 IMG_1286IMG_1286 IMG_1292IMG_1292 IMG_1294IMG_1294 IMG_1296IMG_1296 IMG_1304IMG_1304 IMG_1308IMG_1308 IMG_1314IMG_1314 IMG_1329IMG_1329 IMG_1272IMG_1272



Lorraine G Moreno(non-registered)
Angelee, wow I love them all. Thank you again for all your hard work sweetie.
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