Makayla and Alan's engagement

November 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am one lucky girl to have the most amazing people to put in front of my camera! I had so much fun with Makayla and Alan last weekend taking their engagement pictures.  Makayla and Alan are so adorable together and their personalities work so well with each other.   They brought their 3 adorable fur babies to the session and they were all so well behaved! Makayla and Alan will be getting married next year and I can't wait to document their special day.    This sweet couple took so many cute pictures together, it was so hard picking only a few to put on the blog for a sneak peek.  Here are a few of my favorites….

IMG_2511IMG_2511 IMG_2514IMG_2514 IMG_2515IMG_2515 IMG_2518IMG_2518 IMG_2520IMG_2520 IMG_2526IMG_2526 IMG_2531IMG_2531 IMG_2536IMG_2536 IMG_2549IMG_2549 IMG_2553IMG_2553 IMG_2569IMG_2569 IMG_2572IMG_2572 IMG_2574IMG_2574 IMG_2580IMG_2580 IMG_2583IMG_2583 IMG_2587IMG_2587 IMG_2595IMG_2595 IMG_2606IMG_2606 IMG_2609IMG_2609 IMG_2645IMG_2645 IMG_2647IMG_2647 IMG_2663IMG_2663 IMG_2672IMG_2672 IMG_2679IMG_2679 IMG_2696IMG_2696


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