Mia and Caleb's graduation pictures

October 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Mia and Caleb will soon be UC Davis Aggie alumni!!! This beautiful smart girl and this handsome smart guy are graduating UC Davis and they should be so proud of all they have done and accomplished.   I have know Mia for many years now; It seems like yesterday I was taking her sweet 16 pictures and her high school graduation pictures.  I always knew she would be successful and do great things.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mia's boyfriend Caleb  during their photo session and he is such a sweet respectful  guy and will do very well for himself after college.   Mia and Caleb were lucky to find each other in college and  to have the wonderful experience of graduating together.  Congratulations Mia  and Caleb, you have a huge bright future ahead of you!


Here are some of my favorites from their session...

IMG_1056IMG_1056 IMG_1060IMG_1060 IMG_1073IMG_1073 IMG_1074IMG_1074 IMG_1077IMG_1077 IMG_1081IMG_1081 IMG_1087IMG_1087 IMG_1092IMG_1092 IMG_1093IMG_1093 IMG_1097IMG_1097 IMG_1101IMG_1101 IMG_1106IMG_1106 IMG_1111IMG_1111 IMG_1116IMG_1116 IMG_1120IMG_1120 IMG_1124IMG_1124 IMG_1129IMG_1129 IMG_1133IMG_1133 IMG_1136IMG_1136 IMG_1139IMG_1139 IMG_1141IMG_1141 IMG_1146IMG_1146 IMG_1149IMG_1149 IMG_1169IMG_1169 IMG_1158IMG_1158


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