Cassidy and Ian's engagement session

October 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Delta sunsets, ranch life, country kisses, and undeniable love describes Ian and Cassidy engagement session.   I had so much fun with Ian and Cassidy last weekend taking their engagement pictures on their family ranch.  I have known Ian for around 25 years , he was one of my best friends as a little girl and we were fortunate to continue  that friendship through elementary  and high school.    After highshool we went separate ways and started our adult lives and I was so happy to see my old friend find the love of his life! Cassidy is beautiful, fun and the sweetest person.     It was so awesome that we took their engagement pictures at their house, their family vineyards and a private beach where they even got in the freezing water.    Cassidy and Ian are a perfect match and I Ioved seeing how playful and sweet they are with each other.   They will be getting married next year and I can't wait to document their special day.  Congratulations on your engagement  Cassidy and Ian!!!

Here are some of my many favorites….

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