Thomas and Brenda's Wedding!

September 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Every once in awhile, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. Brenda and Thomas had their fairy tale wedding last saturday at the beautiful Haggin Oask Golf Course venue.  I have been looking forward to Brenda and Thomas's wedding for a long time now because I know they have a very special kind of love that is so beautiful to be around.  Brenda looked so gorgeous from head to toe and Thomas look very handsome in his blue tux.  One of my favorite parts of their wedding was their first dance when the lights were dimmed all the way and the guests were asked to turn on their cell phone flash lights to give Brenda and Thomas a twilight first dance.   Their wedding so perfect in every way even to the very last beautiful detail.   Thank you Thomas and Brenda for having me be apart of your amazing fairytale and I wish you a lifetime of happiness! 

Here are some of my favorite highlights from their wedding...

IMG_8609IMG_8609 IMG_8598IMG_8598 IMG_8601IMG_8601 IMG_8603IMG_8603 BrendaThomas-139BrendaThomas-139 IMG_8617IMG_8617 IMG_8621IMG_8621 IMG_8631IMG_8631 IMG_8642IMG_8642 IMG_8744IMG_8744 IMG_8746IMG_8746 IMG_8889IMG_8889 BrendaThomas-6BrendaThomas-6 BrendaThomas-9BrendaThomas-9 BrendaThomas-12BrendaThomas-12 BrendaThomas-118BrendaThomas-118 IMG_8646IMG_8646 IMG_8667IMG_8667 IMG_8712IMG_8712 IMG_8908IMG_8908 IMG_8954IMG_8954 IMG_8962IMG_8962 BrendaThomas-94BrendaThomas-94 BrendaThomas-39BrendaThomas-39 IMG_8756IMG_8756 IMG_8839IMG_8839 IMG_9014IMG_9014 IMG_9018IMG_9018 IMG_9039IMG_9039 IMG_9041IMG_9041 IMG_9059IMG_9059 IMG_9061IMG_9061 IMG_9075IMG_9075 IMG_9092-1IMG_9092-1 IMG_9107-1IMG_9107-1 IMG_9117-1IMG_9117-1 IMG_9334IMG_9334 BrendaThomas-267BrendaThomas-267 IMG_9245IMG_9245 IMG_9262IMG_9262 IMG_9198IMG_9198 IMG_9285IMG_9285 IMG_9288IMG_9288 IMG_9365IMG_9365 IMG_9035IMG_9035


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