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I took this weekend off to have a little get away, relax and take a few days off work. Of course I still brought one of my cameras because I just can't help myself. I knew when I packed it that I wasn't going to try to get the perfect shot or anything because I only brought one of my older cameras, a small card, one lens, and no flashes or extra equipment.  I was just going to shoot for fun on my time off.  Well of course when we got to the lake I wanted that perfect picture even though it was worst time for light and it meant me getting waist deep in the lake.   As I am trying to not fall completely in the lake with my camera in one hand and trying to direct my kids with the other, I knew I was in for a challenge.  My kids know what to expect from me when it comes to pictures because I am always putting the camera in their face , but even still THEY ARE MY HARDEST CLIENTS!  I swear they want to see how hard they can make it on me and how long it will take before I tell them I give up and put the camera away.  Lets just say I only got a lot of bloopers from this spur of the moment shoot, but I still love them all and will probably be framing a few.  They are my hardest clients but they are and will always be my favorite!


Here are some bloopers from our weekend get away...

IMG_1293IMG_1293 IMG_1299IMG_1299 IMG_1300IMG_1300 IMG_1305IMG_1305 IMG_1306IMG_1306 IMG_1308IMG_1308


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