Betsy and Mario's wedding

August 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Betsy and Mario were married in front of all their family and friends on a beautiful August day last week.   Their wedding took place at the gorgeous Forest House lodge  with the ceremony overlooking the valley.   The activities started in full swing when I arrived with the boys getting fresh hair cuts and shaves and the girls getting all dolled up.   Betsy looked amazing from head to toe and Mario looked very handsome in his tux.  The way Betsy and Mario look at each other is so special, you can see the love they have just by the way they interact with one another.   One of my favorite parts of their wedding was their first dance because for me it wasn't a traditional first dance, they were really moving and having so much fun with their song.    Thank you so much Betsy and Mario for having me be apart of your special day and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!! 

Here are some of my favorite highlights from the wedding...

IMG_6781IMG_6781 IMG_6783IMG_6783 IMG_6785IMG_6785 IMG_6787IMG_6787 IMG_6804IMG_6804 IMG_6811IMG_6811 IMG_6813IMG_6813 IMG_6815IMG_6815 IMG_6823IMG_6823 IMG_6831IMG_6831 IMG_6843IMG_6843 IMG_6914IMG_6914 IMG_7014IMG_7014 IMG_7275IMG_7275 IMG_6834IMG_6834 IMG_6864IMG_6864 IMG_6880IMG_6880 IMG_6921IMG_6921 IMG_6950IMG_6950 IMG_7035IMG_7035 IMG_8440IMG_8440 IMG_7061IMG_7061 IMG_7071IMG_7071 IMG_6969IMG_6969 IMG_6977IMG_6977 IMG_7006IMG_7006 IMG_7218IMG_7218 IMG_7226IMG_7226 IMG_7255IMG_7255 IMG_7247IMG_7247 IMG_7259IMG_7259 IMG_8480IMG_8480 IMG_8485IMG_8485 IMG_8489IMG_8489 IMG_8493IMG_8493 IMG_7323IMG_7323 IMG_7354IMG_7354 IMG_7419IMG_7419 IMG_8523IMG_8523 IMG_8564IMG_8564 IMG_8594IMG_8594 IMG_8600IMG_8600 IMG_7267-EditIMG_7267-Edit


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