Alyssa's senior pictures

August 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

Do I get the best clients or what!? Check out this fun amazing beauty!  I got to spend the evening with Alyssa in Folsom to take her senior pictures.  I have known Alyssa and her family  for a few years now and I get so excited everytime I get to see them again.  They are the sweetest family and I always have the best time with them.  Alyssa is one of the many reasons I love my job because she makes it so fun for me because she is up for anything and cracks me up.   The lake was so beautiful and had some many cool spots for pictures.  One the challenges we had were all of the crazy rocks around the lake that we had to walk through for the pictures.  I was scared one of us would twist an ankle, but we made it though without any injuries and some beautiful pictures to show for it!   Alyssa is such an amazing girl, I know she will do big wonderful things in this world!  Thank you for such a fun evening Alyssa:)

Here are some of my many favorites….

IMG_7471IMG_7471 IMG_7477IMG_7477 IMG_7485IMG_7485 IMG_7502IMG_7502 IMG_7512IMG_7512 IMG_7497IMG_7497 IMG_7536IMG_7536 IMG_7532IMG_7532 IMG_7454IMG_7454 IMG_7461IMG_7461 IMG_7566IMG_7566 IMG_7562IMG_7562 IMG_7522IMG_7522 IMG_7588IMG_7588 IMG_7596IMG_7596 IMG_7599IMG_7599 IMG_7620IMG_7620 IMG_7631IMG_7631 IMG_7637IMG_7637


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