Steve and Megan's wedding

November 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Fall is here and love is in the air.  Steve and Megan shared their love for each other on a beautiful October day at Delta Diamond Farm.  Steve and Megan put so much thought and detail into their special day, and all their hard work paid off with a gorgeous wedding.  From the pretty blush colors, to the adorable quotes on each table, Megan and Steve had a wedding to remember.  One of my favorite parts from their wedding was when her dad was walking her up the aisle and before he gave her away he took  a "selfie" with her.  It was priceless because it was a total surprise to Megan.   Steve also gave Megan the "key to his heart", which was a new house key.   These two are such a special couple and I wish them a lifetime of happiness. Here are some of my favorite highlights from their big day….


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