Zeke and Ashely are engaged!

October 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of my high school friends is engaged to the perfect girl and when they asked me to be their wedding photographer I was thrilled to share their special day with them.  Ashely is the most easy going, relaxed  and go with the flow person, so when she told me to pick the locations for their session I knew I wanted them to be good.  Zeke grew up across the river from me and knows the river delta area really well, so I wanted to pick some places I knew they would both love.  We started the session on the ranch where Zeke's family live and we took  some pictures of Zeke in his police uniform and some with Ashely and her military jacket.  They brought their adorable dogs to be in some of the pictures and the dogs did great for being in a new environment!   It was so great to work with Zeke and Ashley, they are so much fun and make my job so easy.   I couldn't ask for a better couple to spend the day with and I can't wait for their wedding next year! 


Here are some of my favorite highlights from the day ...

IMG_3958IMG_3958 IMG_3928IMG_3928 IMG_3944IMG_3944 IMG_3952IMG_3952 IMG_3963IMG_3963 IMG_3974IMG_3974 IMG_3990IMG_3990 IMG_4001IMG_4001 IMG_4006IMG_4006 IMG_4014IMG_4014 IMG_4034IMG_4034 IMG_4048IMG_4048 IMG_4059IMG_4059 IMG_4065IMG_4065 IMG_4083IMG_4083 IMG_3914IMG_3914


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