Daniel and Mariah's Wedding

October 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The big day had finally come for Daniel and Mariah to stand in front of all their family and friends and become husband and wife.  Daniel and Mariah said their personal vows on a beautiful October day at the most amazing venue ,The Red Barn.   These two are such a special couple who I have enjoyed every second with.  Mariah is all about the pictures which is why she had two engagement sessions one being at Raley Field.  Mariah and Daniel are huge baseball fans and Mariah gave Daniel the most amazing gift before the ceremony. She gave him cuff links made out of a real baseball!  There was so much thought and planning put into their wedding and all their hard work paid off with the most beautiful wedding.  Mariah had the most touching first look with her dad and her brother and I love how personal she made everything in the wedding.  Thank you so much Mariah and Daniel for including me in your special day and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!! 

It was so hard to pick just a few pictures for the blog, but here are some of my favorites...

IMG_2027IMG_2027 IMG_1850IMG_1850 IMG_1860IMG_1860 IMG_1864IMG_1864 IMG_1875IMG_1875 IMG_1894IMG_1894 IMG_1910IMG_1910 IMG_1913IMG_1913 IMG_1992IMG_1992 IMG_2029IMG_2029 IMG_2032IMG_2032 IMG_2258IMG_2258 IMG_2277IMG_2277 IMG_2375IMG_2375 IMG_2699IMG_2699 IMG_2719IMG_2719 MariahDaniel-3MariahDaniel-3 IMG_1969IMG_1969 IMG_1966IMG_1966 IMG_1960IMG_1960 IMG_1984IMG_1984 MariahDaniel-5MariahDaniel-5 IMG_1925IMG_1925 IMG_2039IMG_2039 IMG_2043IMG_2043 IMG_2052IMG_2052 IMG_2084IMG_2084 IMG_2245IMG_2245 IMG_9549IMG_9549 MariahDaniel-210MariahDaniel-210 MariahDaniel-213MariahDaniel-213 IMG_2359IMG_2359 IMG_2371IMG_2371 IMG_2455IMG_2455 IMG_2171IMG_2171 MariahDaniel-74MariahDaniel-74 IMG_2163IMG_2163 IMG_2463IMG_2463 IMG_2453IMG_2453 MariahDaniel-15MariahDaniel-15 MariahDaniel-27MariahDaniel-27 MariahDaniel-282MariahDaniel-282 IMG_2507IMG_2507 IMG_2515IMG_2515 IMG_2544IMG_2544 IMG_2560IMG_2560 IMG_2582IMG_2582 IMG_2586IMG_2586 IMG_2588IMG_2588 IMG_2598IMG_2598 IMG_2606IMG_2606 IMG_9606IMG_9606 IMG_2645IMG_2645 IMG_2658IMG_2658 IMG_2709IMG_2709 IMG_9738IMG_9738 IMG_9801IMG_9801 IMG_9812IMG_9812 IMG_9902IMG_9902 IMG_9872IMG_9872 IMG_9868IMG_9868 IMG_9896IMG_9896 IMG_9918IMG_9918 IMG_9963IMG_9963 IMG_2677IMG_2677


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