Baby Savannah

October 04, 2016  •  1 Comment

The most beautiful baby girl has arrived and she has the best and sweetest parents who love her so much! It has been so amazing to be part of Kristina and Chris's life, call them good friends,  and to document every important memory in their life.  From engagement pictures, wedding pictures, anniversary, family portrait, maternity and now to newborn pictures, I am so blessed to watch this beautiful family grow.   Savannah is so cute and active, she will make you smile just by looking at her.  After I kept trying to pose her for the pictures and she wiggled out of every pose, I was so happy when I got to snuggle her and give her a break from the pictures.   I had the best time with this adorable family and I can't wait to watch savannah grow !

Here are some of my favorite of this precious little girl….

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Barbara Blacker(non-registered)
Savannah has got to be one of the cutest babies ever born! I just love her delicate little features. Congratulations to Kristina and Chris, and beautiful pictures Angelee!
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