Angelee Arceo Photography: Blog en-us (C) Angelee Arceo Photography (Angelee Arceo Photography) Thu, 14 Dec 2017 20:04:00 GMT Thu, 14 Dec 2017 20:04:00 GMT Angelee Arceo Photography: Blog 120 120 Emma and Cesar's engagement This adorable couple is getting married next year and I am so excited to document their special day!  Emma and Cesar are so sweet together and their connection is so strong and undeniable.   We traveled to Silver Lake to take their engagement pictures to get a "winter look" and it was a success!  Silver Lake was the perfect location for them with the frozen lake, patches of snow, and amazing view.  It was a very cold day at the lake for pictures but I know Emma and Cesar were happy to do the cuddly pictures to stay warm.  Thank you so much Emma and Cesar for an amazing day of pictures, I had the best time with you guys and can't wait for your wedding!
Here are a few of my favorites...

IMG_3898IMG_3898 IMG_3888IMG_3888 IMG_3876IMG_3876 IMG_3906IMG_3906 IMG_3915IMG_3915 IMG_3927IMG_3927 IMG_3936IMG_3936 IMG_3943IMG_3943 IMG_3950IMG_3950 IMG_3952IMG_3952 IMG_3966IMG_3966 IMG_3970IMG_3970 IMG_3973IMG_3973 IMG_3978IMG_3978 IMG_3987IMG_3987 IMG_3992IMG_3992 IMG_4001IMG_4001 IMG_4011IMG_4011 IMG_4027IMG_4027 IMG_4031IMG_4031 IMG_4038IMG_4038 IMG_4047IMG_4047 IMG_4050IMG_4050 IMG_8210IMG_8210 IMG_8221IMG_8221 IMG_8237IMG_8237 IMG_8245IMG_8245 IMG_8255IMG_8255

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Joel and Jessica's christmas session I love seeing this sweet family every year for their holiday pictures!  Joel , Jessica, Eric and Hunter are your all american, down to earth family and they are  so fun and easy to work with!    It was so cute how happy Eric was in the orchard and how excited he got over seeing so many different rocks, and sticks and everything little boys love.   I loved Jessica's beautiful skirt and all the boys matched perfectly with her.  Thank you so much to this amazing family for letting me capture these special memories for you. 

IMG_3746IMG_3746 IMG_3749IMG_3749 IMG_3758IMG_3758 IMG_3761IMG_3761 IMG_3767IMG_3767 IMG_3769IMG_3769 IMG_3771IMG_3771 IMG_3777IMG_3777 IMG_3789IMG_3789 IMG_3792IMG_3792 IMG_3812IMG_3812 IMG_3815IMG_3815 IMG_3817IMG_3817 IMG_3823IMG_3823 IMG_3858IMG_3858 IMG_3828IMG_3828 IMG_3836IMG_3836 IMG_3839IMG_3839 IMG_3847IMG_3847 IMG_3851IMG_3851

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Jennifer and Girls This strong  beautiful Mama is a hero , friend and role model to these girls.  I had so much fun taking Jennifer's pictures with her beautiful daughters surrounded by fall colors .  I can see how much these young girls look up  and adore their mom and its the sweetest and most tender thing to see.  Your beautiful daughters are so lucky to have you Jennifer and thank you for allowing me to document these precious memories. 

Here are some of the highlights from the session...

IMG_2922IMG_2922 IMG_2928IMG_2928 IMG_2935IMG_2935 IMG_2936IMG_2936 IMG_2937IMG_2937 IMG_2946IMG_2946 IMG_2948IMG_2948 IMG_2953IMG_2953 IMG_2957IMG_2957 IMG_2960IMG_2960 IMG_2963IMG_2963 IMG_2965IMG_2965 IMG_2971IMG_2971 IMG_2974IMG_2974 IMG_2976IMG_2976 IMG_2998IMG_2998

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Lyon's Christmas I love this sweet family and I am so fortunate to call them friends.  This family is very special because Shawn and Lisel's kids are best friends with my little ones.  We went to the preserve for their holiday pictures and I had so much fun getting the whole family together for pictures.  Lisel even brought snow for the kids pictures which was so much fun for them .    When having kids there are always going to be the funny blooper pictures which are a all time favorite of mine because its real life and moments you won't forget. Thank you Shawn and Lisel for having me document this special time of the year for you.   

Here are a few of my favorites...

IMG_3128IMG_3128 IMG_3130IMG_3130 IMG_3133IMG_3133 IMG_3141IMG_3141 IMG_3145IMG_3145 IMG_3147IMG_3147 IMG_3155IMG_3155 IMG_3161IMG_3161 IMG_3163IMG_3163 IMG_3173IMG_3173 IMG_3180IMG_3180 IMG_3194IMG_3194 IMG_3198IMG_3198 IMG_3205IMG_3205 IMG_3220IMG_3220 IMG_3228IMG_3228 IMG_3231IMG_3231

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The Parkinson Boys I get to see these handsome boys almost everyday when I drop off and pick up my kids from school and at soccer; I was so excited that I got to see them all dressed up for their fall pictures last week!   Chase and Cruz are such sweet boys and will be little heartbreakers with their adorable smile and beautiful eyes.  I know that taking these picture were not the highlight of their day, but they did so well and they knew it meant a lot to their mom .   Thank you so much Chase and Cruz for making my job so easy and fun!

Here are a few of my favorites….

IMG_3027IMG_3027 IMG_3031IMG_3031 IMG_3019IMG_3019 IMG_3024IMG_3024 IMG_3015IMG_3015 IMG_3032IMG_3032 IMG_3037IMG_3037 IMG_3041IMG_3041 IMG_3050IMG_3050 IMG_3055IMG_3055 IMG_3056IMG_3056 IMG_3068IMG_3068 IMG_3070IMG_3070 IMG_3077IMG_3077 IMG_3082IMG_3082 IMG_3086IMG_3086 IMG_3092IMG_3092 IMG_3098IMG_3098 IMG_3104IMG_3104

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Grandkids:) I was so excited to take pictures at the Hutson house with all 8 grandkids!  They celebrated Thanksgiving a day early when all their family was in town and two very lucky grandparents got to have pictures with all 8 grandkids.  These grandparents are so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and adorable grandkids.   All 8 kids were so well behaved and so much fun to work with! Thank you so much for having me capture these special memories for you! Here a few of my favorites...


IMG_2839IMG_2839 IMG_2850IMG_2850 IMG_2862IMG_2862 IMG_2868IMG_2868 IMG_2876IMG_2876 IMG_2889IMG_2889 IMG_2894IMG_2894 IMG_2896IMG_2896 IMG_2901IMG_2901 IMG_2911IMG_2911 IMG_2913IMG_2913

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Makayla and Alan's engagement I am one lucky girl to have the most amazing people to put in front of my camera! I had so much fun with Makayla and Alan last weekend taking their engagement pictures.  Makayla and Alan are so adorable together and their personalities work so well with each other.   They brought their 3 adorable fur babies to the session and they were all so well behaved! Makayla and Alan will be getting married next year and I can't wait to document their special day.    This sweet couple took so many cute pictures together, it was so hard picking only a few to put on the blog for a sneak peek.  Here are a few of my favorites….

IMG_2511IMG_2511 IMG_2514IMG_2514 IMG_2515IMG_2515 IMG_2518IMG_2518 IMG_2520IMG_2520 IMG_2526IMG_2526 IMG_2531IMG_2531 IMG_2536IMG_2536 IMG_2549IMG_2549 IMG_2553IMG_2553 IMG_2569IMG_2569 IMG_2572IMG_2572 IMG_2574IMG_2574 IMG_2580IMG_2580 IMG_2583IMG_2583 IMG_2587IMG_2587 IMG_2595IMG_2595 IMG_2606IMG_2606 IMG_2609IMG_2609 IMG_2645IMG_2645 IMG_2647IMG_2647 IMG_2663IMG_2663 IMG_2672IMG_2672 IMG_2679IMG_2679 IMG_2696IMG_2696

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The Bodishbaugh fall family pictures The Bodishbaugh family makes me so happy and I love every time I get to see them and take their pictures!!!  I have been photographing them for many years from engagement , weddings, maternity, family , newborn,  and 1st birthday .  I was so excited to take their fall pictures with beautiful Savannah running around and their adorable dog Bane in the colorful cherry orchards at Delta Diamond Farm.   I could not ask for a better family to photograph and their love for each other will melt your heart!    Savannah was ready to be on the go and explore and Bane had so many things to smell.    When taking pictures with kids and pets its very hard to get everyone looking and doing what you want and I  as a parent myself love the bloopers.  The bloopers are a favorite because its real life and they make you smile and remember every moment. Thank you so much to this picture perfect family for always allowing me to document your special moments! Here are a few of my favorites...

IMG_1648IMG_1648 IMG_1650IMG_1650 IMG_1660IMG_1660 IMG_1669IMG_1669 IMG_1671IMG_1671 IMG_1680IMG_1680 IMG_1681IMG_1681 IMG_1684IMG_1684 IMG_1696IMG_1696 IMG_1697IMG_1697 IMG_1704IMG_1704 IMG_1720IMG_1720 IMG_1723IMG_1723 IMG_1732IMG_1732 IMG_1742IMG_1742 IMG_1749IMG_1749 IMG_1753IMG_1753 IMG_1766IMG_1766 IMG_1769IMG_1769 IMG_1788IMG_1788 IMG_1789IMG_1789 IMG_1800IMG_1800 IMG_1802IMG_1802 IMG_1805IMG_1805 IMG_1813IMG_1813

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Borrelli Family I love seeing the Borrelli Family every year!!!  Michelle, Chris, Mason and Cody are the sweetest , most down to earth people and I love taking their pictures!  It is so much fun to see how big Mason and Cody get every time I see them.   The last time I took their pictures was for Cody's first birthday and he wasn't feeling the photo shoot or his smash cake.  This time around Cody was so active and loving and kept giving me hugs which melted my heart!  I took their pictures at William land park surrounded by all the beautiful fall colors.   I had so much fun with this family and I can't wait to see them again! 

Here are some of my favorites...

IMG_1525IMG_1525 IMG_1508IMG_1508 IMG_1548IMG_1548 IMG_1557IMG_1557 IMG_1560IMG_1560 IMG_1581IMG_1581 IMG_1583IMG_1583 IMG_1585IMG_1585 IMG_1594IMG_1594 IMG_1602IMG_1602 IMG_1610IMG_1610 IMG_1614IMG_1614 IMG_1615IMG_1615 IMG_1623IMG_1623 IMG_1627IMG_1627

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Moreno Fall Family Pictures I absolutely  love this family!!!! The Moreno family is so sweet, loving, and fun and I was so thrilled they wanted me to take their fall family pictures!   I have known them a very long time and its so sweet to see how much fun they all have together.  The newest member in their family is cute little Jaxson.  He had me working hard to get him to smile and he has the best fan club around him.  We took their pictures at a family home in Clarksburg in the beautiful vineyards.   Everyone was such a great sport with taking pictures that evening, even when the Dodger World Series Game was on during the time of the session...  (They are a group of Dodger fans).    Thank you for making my job so much fun, I am so lucky to capture the best families!

Here are a few of my favorites....

IMG_1185IMG_1185 IMG_1191IMG_1191 IMG_1196IMG_1196 IMG_1199IMG_1199 IMG_1202IMG_1202 IMG_1205IMG_1205 IMG_1213IMG_1213 IMG_1215IMG_1215 IMG_1217IMG_1217 IMG_1220IMG_1220 IMG_1225IMG_1225 IMG_1239IMG_1239 IMG_1241IMG_1241 IMG_1242IMG_1242 IMG_1250IMG_1250 IMG_1260IMG_1260 IMG_1266IMG_1266 IMG_1282IMG_1282 IMG_1286IMG_1286 IMG_1292IMG_1292 IMG_1294IMG_1294 IMG_1296IMG_1296 IMG_1304IMG_1304 IMG_1308IMG_1308 IMG_1314IMG_1314 IMG_1329IMG_1329 IMG_1272IMG_1272


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Mia and Caleb's graduation pictures Mia and Caleb will soon be UC Davis Aggie alumni!!! This beautiful smart girl and this handsome smart guy are graduating UC Davis and they should be so proud of all they have done and accomplished.   I have know Mia for many years now; It seems like yesterday I was taking her sweet 16 pictures and her high school graduation pictures.  I always knew she would be successful and do great things.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mia's boyfriend Caleb  during their photo session and he is such a sweet respectful  guy and will do very well for himself after college.   Mia and Caleb were lucky to find each other in college and  to have the wonderful experience of graduating together.  Congratulations Mia  and Caleb, you have a huge bright future ahead of you!


Here are some of my favorites from their session...

IMG_1056IMG_1056 IMG_1060IMG_1060 IMG_1073IMG_1073 IMG_1074IMG_1074 IMG_1077IMG_1077 IMG_1081IMG_1081 IMG_1087IMG_1087 IMG_1092IMG_1092 IMG_1093IMG_1093 IMG_1097IMG_1097 IMG_1101IMG_1101 IMG_1106IMG_1106 IMG_1111IMG_1111 IMG_1116IMG_1116 IMG_1120IMG_1120 IMG_1124IMG_1124 IMG_1129IMG_1129 IMG_1133IMG_1133 IMG_1136IMG_1136 IMG_1139IMG_1139 IMG_1141IMG_1141 IMG_1146IMG_1146 IMG_1149IMG_1149 IMG_1169IMG_1169 IMG_1158IMG_1158

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The Hutson Boys These cuties will be some serious heart breakers!  I had so much fun with Cole and Ty last week taking their fall pictures.   These boys always make me smile because they are your all american country boys.  I could tell how much Ty especially was trying his best not to roll around in the dirt and wanting to untuck his shirt.    We took their pictures on their beautiful property in Isleton and the boys were so well behaved.   I am so lucky to have the best clients and subjects to photograph.  

Here are some of my favorites of these cuties...

IMG_0271IMG_0271 IMG_0286IMG_0286 IMG_0297IMG_0297 IMG_0299IMG_0299 IMG_0303IMG_0303 IMG_0316IMG_0316 IMG_0320IMG_0320 IMG_0336IMG_0336 IMG_0339IMG_0339 IMG_0350IMG_0350 IMG_0352IMG_0352 IMG_0371IMG_0371 IMG_0372IMG_0372 IMG_0376IMG_0376

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Sarah's senior pictures Look out world, Sarah is crazy beautiful and ready to take the world on.   Sarah is a senior this year and the sweetest girl you will ever meet.  I had the pleasure of getting to know her at her sister's wedding and I was so excited I got to spend more time with her for her senior portraits.  Sarah is so much fun and was so easy to work with.  We went to Old Sacramento for her pictures and she looked adorable in every outfit and every pose .  She is a cheerleader at her high school which isn't a surprise by her happy personality and the fact that she is always always smiling.   I know you will do wonderful after high school Sarah and you should be so proud of yourself! 

Here a some of my favorites from her session...

IMG_0088IMG_0088 IMG_0096IMG_0096 IMG_0097IMG_0097 IMG_0108IMG_0108 IMG_0114IMG_0114 IMG_0130IMG_0130 IMG_0144IMG_0144 IMG_0147IMG_0147 IMG_0153IMG_0153 IMG_0155IMG_0155 IMG_0161IMG_0161 IMG_0169IMG_0169 IMG_0177IMG_0177 IMG_0192IMG_0192 IMG_0204IMG_0204 IMG_0222IMG_0222 IMG_0227IMG_0227 IMG_8003IMG_8003 IMG_8018IMG_8018 IMG_8027IMG_8027 IMG_8028IMG_8028 IMG_8060IMG_8060

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Molly and Erik's wedding What a better way to end my last wedding of the year than at one of the coolest venues and with one of the sweetest couples.  Molly and Erik said "I Do" surrounded with family and friends last weekend during a church ceremony in Winters.   After the ceremony , everyone gathered at Taber Ranch to celebrate the wonderful couple.   One of my favorite things about Taber ranch is the beautiful view and the awesome red car they let couples use to take hill top pictures with. Molly and Erik are so cute together and they compliment each other so well.  Thank you so much for having me be apart of your special day and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!

Here are some of my favorites….

IMG_9825IMG_9825 IMG_9827IMG_9827 IMG_9984IMG_9984 IMG_9987IMG_9987 IMG_9988IMG_9988 IMG_9990IMG_9990 IMG_9992IMG_9992 IMG_9786IMG_9786 IMG_9790IMG_9790 IMG_9799IMG_9799 IMG_9802IMG_9802 IMG_9814IMG_9814 IMG_7962IMG_7962 IMG_9837IMG_9837 IMG_9844IMG_9844 IMG_9846IMG_9846 IMG_9848IMG_9848 IMG_9853IMG_9853 IMG_9858IMG_9858 IMG_9867IMG_9867 IMG_9876IMG_9876 IMG_9925IMG_9925 IMG_9929IMG_9929 IMG_9941IMG_9941 IMG_9883IMG_9883 IMG_9886IMG_9886 IMG_9896IMG_9896 IMG_9899IMG_9899 IMG_9894IMG_9894

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Cassidy and Ian's engagement session Delta sunsets, ranch life, country kisses, and undeniable love describes Ian and Cassidy engagement session.   I had so much fun with Ian and Cassidy last weekend taking their engagement pictures on their family ranch.  I have known Ian for around 25 years , he was one of my best friends as a little girl and we were fortunate to continue  that friendship through elementary  and high school.    After highshool we went separate ways and started our adult lives and I was so happy to see my old friend find the love of his life! Cassidy is beautiful, fun and the sweetest person.     It was so awesome that we took their engagement pictures at their house, their family vineyards and a private beach where they even got in the freezing water.    Cassidy and Ian are a perfect match and I Ioved seeing how playful and sweet they are with each other.   They will be getting married next year and I can't wait to document their special day.  Congratulations on your engagement  Cassidy and Ian!!!

Here are some of my many favorites….

IMG_9548IMG_9548 IMG_9554IMG_9554 IMG_9559IMG_9559 IMG_9564IMG_9564 IMG_9583IMG_9583 IMG_9586IMG_9586 IMG_9591IMG_9591 IMG_9596IMG_9596 IMG_9598IMG_9598 IMG_9613IMG_9613 IMG_9616IMG_9616 IMG_9626-EditIMG_9626-Edit IMG_9636IMG_9636 IMG_9648-EditIMG_9648-Edit IMG_9659-EditIMG_9659-Edit IMG_9660-EditIMG_9660-Edit IMG_7905IMG_7905 IMG_9676IMG_9676 IMG_9680IMG_9680 IMG_9689IMG_9689 IMG_9701IMG_9701 IMG_9706IMG_9706 IMG_9715IMG_9715 IMG_9726IMG_9726 IMG_9737IMG_9737 IMG_9744IMG_9744 IMG_9752IMG_9752 IMG_9765IMG_9765 IMG_9772IMG_9772 IMG_9667IMG_9667

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Jose and Zayra's wedding You might remember Jose and Zayra from their beautiful beach engagement shoot…. Well these two are now husband and wife!  They said their vows in front of family and friends last weekend and celebrated at the beautiful Scribner Bend Venue.   Zayra looked so beautiful in her fitted dress and her hair was a show stopper! All of the bridesmaids had matching sparkly Kate Spade pink shoes and pretty long dresses.  Jose looked so handsome and was trying his best not to show how nervous and excited he was.  The table decorations were amazing with each person receiving a different  wedding favor .  Their flowers were beautiful and colorful and looked perfect under the beautiful chandler lit tent.   Their ceremony took place at Good Sheperd Church and it was a very emotional and spiritual ceremony.   After the ceremony , everyone went back to Scribner Bend for a beautiful delicious dinner and dancing.  There was a surprise during the reception when a little girl sang "A thousand Years " song for Jose and Zayra.  The love that Jose and Zayra share is undeniable and I was honored to witness and be apart of their special day.  Congratulations Zayra and Jose and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!

Here are some of the highlights of the day...

IMG_8313IMG_8313 IMG_8298IMG_8298 IMG_8302IMG_8302 IMG_8308IMG_8308 IMG_8317IMG_8317 IMG_8320IMG_8320 IMG_8322IMG_8322 IMG_8332IMG_8332 IMG_8336IMG_8336 IMG_8346IMG_8346 IMG_8351IMG_8351 IMG_8416IMG_8416 IMG_8418IMG_8418 IMG_8856IMG_8856 IMG_8858IMG_8858 IMG_8862IMG_8862 IMG_8864IMG_8864 IMG_7579IMG_7579 IMG_7581IMG_7581 IMG_7584IMG_7584 IMG_7588IMG_7588 IMG_7596IMG_7596 IMG_7599IMG_7599 IMG_7604IMG_7604 IMG_7616IMG_7616 IMG_7618IMG_7618 IMG_7711IMG_7711 IMG_8356IMG_8356 IMG_8368IMG_8368 IMG_8378IMG_8378 IMG_8382IMG_8382 IMG_8384IMG_8384 IMG_8390IMG_8390 IMG_8407IMG_8407 IMG_8427IMG_8427 IMG_8511IMG_8511 IMG_8532IMG_8532 IMG_8560IMG_8560 IMG_8564IMG_8564 IMG_8579IMG_8579 IMG_8634IMG_8634 IMG_8674IMG_8674 IMG_8681IMG_8681 IMG_7464IMG_7464 IMG_7467IMG_7467 IMG_7448IMG_7448 IMG_7470IMG_7470 IMG_7491IMG_7491 IMG_7519IMG_7519 IMG_8690IMG_8690 IMG_8742IMG_8742 IMG_8747IMG_8747 IMG_8443IMG_8443 IMG_8448IMG_8448 IMG_8451IMG_8451 IMG_8441IMG_8441 IMG_8490IMG_8490 IMG_8494IMG_8494 IMG_8503IMG_8503 IMG_8612IMG_8612 IMG_8604IMG_8604 IMG_8596IMG_8596 IMG_8536IMG_8536 IMG_8617IMG_8617 IMG_8625IMG_8625 IMG_8812IMG_8812 IMG_8819IMG_8819 IMG_8826IMG_8826 IMG_8838IMG_8838 IMG_8843IMG_8843 IMG_8775IMG_8775 IMG_8783IMG_8783 IMG_8792IMG_8792 IMG_8795IMG_8795 IMG_8798IMG_8798 IMG_8787IMG_8787 IMG_7606IMG_7606 IMG_7659IMG_7659 IMG_8932IMG_8932 IMG_7730IMG_7730 IMG_7838IMG_7838 IMG_7824IMG_7824 IMG_7796IMG_7796 IMG_7763IMG_7763

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Savannah turned one! After seeing these pictures of this adorable little girl you will walk away with baby fever!   Savannah is the most precious birthday girl and she is already taking peoples breath away with her cuteness!  She turned One and is full of spunk, beauty and the cutest smile.  She has big beautiful blue eyes like her mama and I can't get enough of how sweet and precious she is.  The last time I saw this little girl was when she was one week old when I took her newborn pictures.  Its crazy to see her up and walking and being very vocal.  I adore her parents and I am so grateful that I have been able to be apart of all their special occasions and can't wait to take their family pictures soon.  I am so happy we got to sneak in some "mommy and me" shots .  Chris is a very lucky man to have these beauties and Savannah has the best parents a girl can ask for.    We were attacked by mosquitoes that evening but that didn't stop Savannah from smiling in every picture.  Thank you for a great evening girls, I loved see in you both!


Here are some of my favorites of the birthday princess...

IMG_8109IMG_8109 IMG_8111IMG_8111 IMG_8116IMG_8116 IMG_8136IMG_8136 IMG_8140IMG_8140 IMG_8143IMG_8143 IMG_8149IMG_8149 IMG_8153IMG_8153 IMG_8159IMG_8159 IMG_8062IMG_8062 IMG_8074IMG_8074 IMG_8081IMG_8081 IMG_8091IMG_8091 IMG_8094IMG_8094 IMG_8176IMG_8176 IMG_8181IMG_8181 IMG_8184IMG_8184 IMG_8191IMG_8191 IMG_8192IMG_8192 IMG_8197IMG_8197 IMG_8203IMG_8203 IMG_8204IMG_8204 IMG_8207IMG_8207 IMG_8224IMG_8224 IMG_8234IMG_8234

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Victoria's Quince When a girl turns 15 it is one of the best and memorable  years for them.  Victoria had an amazing Quinceanera last weekend with her family and friends celebrating her birthday.    I always love seeing this family, they are so sweet , welcoming, and so much fun.  Victoria's mom threw her a beautiful party with delicious food that was perfect for the teenage crowd, a beautiful cake, and the cutest mini donut bar.  Everyone was having a great time dancing and showing Victoria how much she is loved.  Happy birthday to this beautiful 15 year old!!!! 


Here are some of the highlights of the evening...

IMG_7125IMG_7125 IMG_7130IMG_7130 IMG_7556IMG_7556 IMG_7141IMG_7141 IMG_7155IMG_7155 IMG_7161IMG_7161 IMG_7177IMG_7177 IMG_7193IMG_7193 IMG_7201IMG_7201 IMG_7204IMG_7204 IMG_7218IMG_7218 IMG_7268IMG_7268 IMG_7283IMG_7283 IMG_7284IMG_7284 IMG_7295IMG_7295 IMG_7305IMG_7305 IMG_7318IMG_7318 IMG_7334IMG_7334 IMG_7336IMG_7336 IMG_7370IMG_7370 IMG_7380IMG_7380 IMG_7384-1IMG_7384-1 IMG_7385-1IMG_7385-1 IMG_7386-1IMG_7386-1 IMG_7387-1IMG_7387-1 IMG_7389IMG_7389 IMG_7403IMG_7403 IMG_7425IMG_7425 IMG_7432IMG_7432 IMG_7468IMG_7468 IMG_7475IMG_7475 IMG_7514IMG_7514 IMG_7537IMG_7537 IMG_7572IMG_7572

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Zeke and Ashley's wedding Zeke and Ashley had the wedding of the decade last friday at Delta Diamond Farm.  There is so much to say about this amazing wedding from the beautiful venue, the colorful decorations, the fun music and the perfect bride and groom.   I have known Zeke for many years and I couldn't be happier for him that he found his perfect match.  Ashley, is kind, beautiful, considerate, and perfect for Zeke . Not to mention that she looked so gorgeous in her wedding dress.   Her dress had a beautiful long train that was attached to her dress by a sparkling belt.  After the ceremony she took off the train of the dress to dance the night away. Zeke looked so handsome in his custom made Charro suit.  His suit matched perfectly with the style of their  colorful wedding.  They planned to do a first look and they were both so anxious to see each other that they moved their first look up on their timeline.   He didn't want her to see him ,so when she was walking up toward him she had her beautiful bouquet in front of her .  When they saw each other for the first time I could tell it was the best experience  for them.   There were tears of happiness that fell and  love filled the air ; I couldn't help but smile and know that would be a moment they would remember forever.   After their tender sweet ceremony they had everyone in the room tearing up with the speeches that were toasted with shot glasses. They then  kicked off the night with the best first dances I have ever seen. They were so unique and fun and everyone surrounded them to watch.  They had a traditional first dance song and then it lead into a fun fast paced song.  They also had a fun swing dance for the father daughter dance and multiple songs for the mother son dance.   Towards the end of the night everyone was surprised with a delicious taco bar for their guests to enjoy.  The love Zeke and Ashley share for each other is undeniable and I am so happy I got to be apart of their special day.  I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.  


Here are some of the highlights of the night….

IMG_5944IMG_5944 IMG_5938IMG_5938 IMG_5942IMG_5942 IMG_5948IMG_5948 IMG_5950IMG_5950 IMG_5955IMG_5955 IMG_5960IMG_5960 IMG_5967IMG_5967 IMG_5969IMG_5969 IMG_6425IMG_6425 IMG_6427IMG_6427 IMG_6691IMG_6691 IMG_6694IMG_6694 IMG_6696IMG_6696 IMG_6697IMG_6697 IMG_6699IMG_6699 IMG_6708IMG_6708 IMG_6711IMG_6711 IMG_5983IMG_5983 IMG_5986IMG_5986 IMG_5994IMG_5994 IMG_5984IMG_5984 IMG_6001IMG_6001 IMG_6004IMG_6004 IMG_6009IMG_6009 IMG_6028IMG_6028 IMG_6038IMG_6038 Ze-2Ze-2 Ze-15Ze-15 Ze-24Ze-24 Ze-40Ze-40 Ze-53Ze-53 Ze-56Ze-56 Ze-63Ze-63 IMG_6061IMG_6061 IMG_6073IMG_6073 IMG_6091IMG_6091 IMG_6142IMG_6142 IMG_6149IMG_6149 IMG_6169IMG_6169 IMG_6294IMG_6294 IMG_6302IMG_6302 IMG_6314IMG_6314 IMG_6284IMG_6284 IMG_6277IMG_6277 IMG_7042IMG_7042 IMG_6177IMG_6177 IMG_6181IMG_6181 IMG_6195IMG_6195 IMG_7047IMG_7047 IMG_6204IMG_6204 IMG_6420IMG_6420 IMG_6516IMG_6516 IMG_6538IMG_6538 IMG_7111IMG_7111 IMG_7112IMG_7112 IMG_6543IMG_6543 IMG_6551IMG_6551 IMG_6571IMG_6571 IMG_6682IMG_6682 IMG_6688IMG_6688 IMG_6209IMG_6209 IMG_6220IMG_6220 IMG_6226IMG_6226 IMG_6231IMG_6231 IMG_6241IMG_6241 IMG_6245IMG_6245 IMG_6258IMG_6258 IMG_6263IMG_6263 IMG_6267IMG_6267 IMG_6945IMG_6945 IMG_6956IMG_6956 IMG_6765IMG_6765 IMG_6772IMG_6772 IMG_6856IMG_6856 IMG_6886IMG_6886 IMG_6902IMG_6902 IMG_6775IMG_6775 IMG_6906IMG_6906 IMG_7002IMG_7002 IMG_7021IMG_7021 IMG_7023IMG_7023 IMG_7032IMG_7032 IMG_7055-1IMG_7055-1 IMG_7093-1IMG_7093-1 IMG_7102-1IMG_7102-1 IMG_7114-1IMG_7114-1 IMG_7188IMG_7188 IMG_7236IMG_7236 IMG_7245IMG_7245 IMG_7284IMG_7284 IMG_7289IMG_7289 IMG_7338IMG_7338 IMG_7359IMG_7359 IMG_7365IMG_7365 Ze-8Ze-8 IMG_6974IMG_6974

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Isaac and Katie's wedding Love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts an eternity.  Katie and Isaac shared their love for each other last weekend in front of all their family and friends at their beautiful wedding.   Over 250 guests and even pets gathered together at the Wilson's beautiful family property to witness Katie and Isaac tie the knot.   Family and friends kept saying how gorgeous Katie looked in her flowy dress and their adorable dog George was there for pictures dressed in his best bow tie collar . Family means everything to Katie and Isaac and they wanted everyone to feel welcome and comfortable .  The day began with a laid back cocktail hour before the ceremony started .  After Katie and Isaac's sweet ceremony,  guests were treated with delicious Paella for dinner which smelled amazing. I can't wait to see what life brings for this amazing couple and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.  I hope you both have a wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii !!!

Here are a few highlights from the wedding...

IMG_5211IMG_5211 IMG_5212IMG_5212 IMG_5214IMG_5214 IMG_5221IMG_5221 IMG_5227IMG_5227 IMG_5480IMG_5480 IMG_5495IMG_5495 IMG_5501IMG_5501 IMG_5509IMG_5509 IMG_5289IMG_5289 IMG_5305IMG_5305 IMG_5406IMG_5406 IMG_5416IMG_5416 IMG_5419IMG_5419 IMG_5427IMG_5427 IMG_5557IMG_5557 IMG_5573IMG_5573 IMG_7032IMG_7032 IMG_7033IMG_7033 IMG_7040IMG_7040 IMG_5586IMG_5586 IMG_5594IMG_5594 IMG_5470IMG_5470 IMG_5482IMG_5482 IMG_5507IMG_5507 IMG_5505IMG_5505 IMG_5523IMG_5523 IMG_5516IMG_5516 IMG_5519IMG_5519 IMG_5634IMG_5634 IMG_5245IMG_5245 IMG_5319IMG_5319 IMG_5327IMG_5327 IMG_5348IMG_5348 IMG_5358IMG_5358

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