The Bodishbaugh fall family pictures

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The Bodishbaugh family makes me so happy and I love every time I get to see them and take their pictures!!!  I have been photographing them for many years from engagement , weddings, maternity, family , newborn,  and 1st birthday .  I was so excited to take their fall pictures with beautiful Savannah running around and their adorable dog Bane in the colorful cherry orchards at Delta Diamond Farm.   I could not ask for a better family to photograph and their love for each other will melt your heart!    Savannah was ready to be on the go and explore and Bane had so many things to smell.    When taking pictures with kids and pets its very hard to get everyone looking and doing what you want and I  as a parent myself love the bloopers.  The bloopers are a favorite because its real life and they make you smile and remember every moment. Thank you so much to this picture perfect family for always allowing me to document your special moments! Here are a few of my favorites...

IMG_1648IMG_1648 IMG_1650IMG_1650 IMG_1660IMG_1660 IMG_1669IMG_1669 IMG_1671IMG_1671 IMG_1680IMG_1680 IMG_1681IMG_1681 IMG_1684IMG_1684 IMG_1696IMG_1696 IMG_1697IMG_1697 IMG_1704IMG_1704 IMG_1720IMG_1720 IMG_1723IMG_1723 IMG_1732IMG_1732 IMG_1742IMG_1742 IMG_1749IMG_1749 IMG_1753IMG_1753 IMG_1766IMG_1766 IMG_1769IMG_1769 IMG_1788IMG_1788 IMG_1789IMG_1789 IMG_1800IMG_1800 IMG_1802IMG_1802 IMG_1805IMG_1805 IMG_1813IMG_1813

Borrelli Family

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I love seeing the Borrelli Family every year!!!  Michelle, Chris, Mason and Cody are the sweetest , most down to earth people and I love taking their pictures!  It is so much fun to see how big Mason and Cody get every time I see them.   The last time I took their pictures was for Cody's first birthday and he wasn't feeling the photo shoot or his smash cake.  This time around Cody was so active and loving and kept giving me hugs which melted my heart!  I took their pictures at William land park surrounded by all the beautiful fall colors.   I had so much fun with this family and I can't wait to see them again! 

Here are some of my favorites...

IMG_1525IMG_1525 IMG_1508IMG_1508 IMG_1548IMG_1548 IMG_1557IMG_1557 IMG_1560IMG_1560 IMG_1581IMG_1581 IMG_1583IMG_1583 IMG_1585IMG_1585 IMG_1594IMG_1594 IMG_1602IMG_1602 IMG_1610IMG_1610 IMG_1614IMG_1614 IMG_1615IMG_1615 IMG_1623IMG_1623 IMG_1627IMG_1627

Moreno Fall Family Pictures

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I absolutely  love this family!!!! The Moreno family is so sweet, loving, and fun and I was so thrilled they wanted me to take their fall family pictures!   I have known them a very long time and its so sweet to see how much fun they all have together.  The newest member in their family is cute little Jaxson.  He had me working hard to get him to smile and he has the best fan club around him.  We took their pictures at a family home in Clarksburg in the beautiful vineyards.   Everyone was such a great sport with taking pictures that evening, even when the Dodger World Series Game was on during the time of the session...  (They are a group of Dodger fans).    Thank you for making my job so much fun, I am so lucky to capture the best families!

Here are a few of my favorites....

IMG_1185IMG_1185 IMG_1191IMG_1191 IMG_1196IMG_1196 IMG_1199IMG_1199 IMG_1202IMG_1202 IMG_1205IMG_1205 IMG_1213IMG_1213 IMG_1215IMG_1215 IMG_1217IMG_1217 IMG_1220IMG_1220 IMG_1225IMG_1225 IMG_1239IMG_1239 IMG_1241IMG_1241 IMG_1242IMG_1242 IMG_1250IMG_1250 IMG_1260IMG_1260 IMG_1266IMG_1266 IMG_1282IMG_1282 IMG_1286IMG_1286 IMG_1292IMG_1292 IMG_1294IMG_1294 IMG_1296IMG_1296 IMG_1304IMG_1304 IMG_1308IMG_1308 IMG_1314IMG_1314 IMG_1329IMG_1329 IMG_1272IMG_1272


Mia and Caleb's graduation pictures

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Mia and Caleb will soon be UC Davis Aggie alumni!!! This beautiful smart girl and this handsome smart guy are graduating UC Davis and they should be so proud of all they have done and accomplished.   I have know Mia for many years now; It seems like yesterday I was taking her sweet 16 pictures and her high school graduation pictures.  I always knew she would be successful and do great things.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mia's boyfriend Caleb  during their photo session and he is such a sweet respectful  guy and will do very well for himself after college.   Mia and Caleb were lucky to find each other in college and  to have the wonderful experience of graduating together.  Congratulations Mia  and Caleb, you have a huge bright future ahead of you!


Here are some of my favorites from their session...

IMG_1056IMG_1056 IMG_1060IMG_1060 IMG_1073IMG_1073 IMG_1074IMG_1074 IMG_1077IMG_1077 IMG_1081IMG_1081 IMG_1087IMG_1087 IMG_1092IMG_1092 IMG_1093IMG_1093 IMG_1097IMG_1097 IMG_1101IMG_1101 IMG_1106IMG_1106 IMG_1111IMG_1111 IMG_1116IMG_1116 IMG_1120IMG_1120 IMG_1124IMG_1124 IMG_1129IMG_1129 IMG_1133IMG_1133 IMG_1136IMG_1136 IMG_1139IMG_1139 IMG_1141IMG_1141 IMG_1146IMG_1146 IMG_1149IMG_1149 IMG_1169IMG_1169 IMG_1158IMG_1158

The Hutson Boys

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These cuties will be some serious heart breakers!  I had so much fun with Cole and Ty last week taking their fall pictures.   These boys always make me smile because they are your all american country boys.  I could tell how much Ty especially was trying his best not to roll around in the dirt and wanting to untuck his shirt.    We took their pictures on their beautiful property in Isleton and the boys were so well behaved.   I am so lucky to have the best clients and subjects to photograph.  

Here are some of my favorites of these cuties...

IMG_0271IMG_0271 IMG_0286IMG_0286 IMG_0297IMG_0297 IMG_0299IMG_0299 IMG_0303IMG_0303 IMG_0316IMG_0316 IMG_0320IMG_0320 IMG_0336IMG_0336 IMG_0339IMG_0339 IMG_0350IMG_0350 IMG_0352IMG_0352 IMG_0371IMG_0371 IMG_0372IMG_0372 IMG_0376IMG_0376