Brittany's Maternity

June 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Brittany and Matt are over the moon excited for their baby girl on the way!!! These two are such kind, caring and deserving parents and I couldn't be happier for them!!!  They were such good sports waking up so early and driving so far to take their pictures.   Their little girl will be so lucky to have such amazing parents and always surrounded by love!!! Congratulations Brittany and Matt!!!

Here are a few from their album I would like to share early:)

IMG_0405IMG_0405 IMG_0412IMG_0412 IMG_0419IMG_0419 IMG_0399IMG_0399 IMG_0391IMG_0391 IMG_0387IMG_0387 IMG_0431IMG_0431 IMG_0433IMG_0433 IMG_0443IMG_0443 IMG_0453IMG_0453 IMG_0455IMG_0455 IMG_0480IMG_0480 IMG_0485IMG_0485 IMG_0492IMG_0492

The Swenson Family

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I had so much fun with the Swenson Family last weekend taking their family pictures in Clarksburg!  I finally got to meet their adorable little boy Reid who was so fun, full of smiles and was so good in front of the camera.  They all looked so good in their blue outfits in the beautiful Delta vineyards.  Thank you again so much for a fun evening of pictures Alicia, Josh, and Reid!!!  


Here are a few of my favorites...

IMG_0171IMG_0171 IMG_0187IMG_0187 IMG_0196IMG_0196 IMG_0202IMG_0202 IMG_0218IMG_0218 IMG_0228IMG_0228 IMG_0232IMG_0232 IMG_0236IMG_0236 IMG_0243IMG_0243

Alyssa and Ismael's engagement

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Alyssa and Ismael are getting married soon and I am so excited to document their special day!!! These two love birds will be saying 
"I do" at the beautiful Rouge Winery where we took a few of their engagement pictures.   Alyssa and Ismeal are so fun to be around and they are so down to earth.  Photographing them makes me smile because you can see how much they care and love each other.  We ended up taking some pictures close to where Ismeal grew up so that was a extra special bonus for the couple.  Thank you to this amazing couple for a fun evening of engagement pictures!!!

Here are a few of my favorite...

] IMG_9564IMG_9564 IMG_9558IMG_9558 IMG_9575IMG_9575 IMG_9585IMG_9585 IMG_9592IMG_9592 IMG_9596IMG_9596 IMG_9598IMG_9598 IMG_9607IMG_9607 IMG_9617IMG_9617 IMG_9624IMG_9624 IMG_9660IMG_9660 IMG_9663IMG_9663 IMG_8767IMG_8767 IMG_9698IMG_9698 IMG_9718IMG_9718 IMG_9727IMG_9727 IMG_9760IMG_9760 IMG_9743IMG_9743

Katie and Kimmy

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Katie and Kimmy are two beautiful sisters that took advantage of my Mothers Day Special.   Katie brought her adorable daughter for a Mommy and Me session and Kimmy made her session a maternity shoot.   It was so much fun to take all of their pictures and to have them jump into eachothers pictures for some sister photographs.    Katie's daughter is so lucky to have an amazing mom and aunt to be in her life, and Kimmy is going to make a wonderful mother.   


Here are a few of my many many favorites...

IMG_9782IMG_9782 IMG_9770IMG_9770 IMG_9823IMG_9823 IMG_9832IMG_9832 IMG_9827IMG_9827 IMG_9857IMG_9857 IMG_9860IMG_9860 IMG_9872IMG_9872 IMG_9962IMG_9962 IMG_9983IMG_9983 IMG_9815IMG_9815 IMG_9811IMG_9811 IMG_9946IMG_9946 IMG_9952IMG_9952 IMG_9953IMG_9953 IMG_9999IMG_9999 IMG_9799IMG_9799 IMG_9852IMG_9852 IMG_9841IMG_9841 IMG_9881IMG_9881 IMG_9885IMG_9885 IMG_9891IMG_9891 IMG_9900IMG_9900 IMG_9905IMG_9905 IMG_9910IMG_9910 IMG_9914IMG_9914 IMG_9923IMG_9923

Kelsey and Dillan

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Kelsey and Dillan are engaged and I am so excited for their upcoming wedding this year!!!  Kelsey and Dillan are such a sweet couple and amazing parents.  They brought their adorable daughter Harper to their engagement shoot to steal some of the spotlight with her contagious smile.  They woke up early for a morning shoot in the river delta area and were such troopers with the wind and cold.  I had so much fun spending time with these love birds and I can't wait for their wedding!

Here are a few of my favorites....

IMG_9356IMG_9356 IMG_9369IMG_9369 IMG_9352IMG_9352 IMG_9307IMG_9307 IMG_9290IMG_9290 IMG_8733IMG_8733 IMG_8748IMG_8748 IMG_9380IMG_9380 IMG_9381IMG_9381 IMG_9400IMG_9400 IMG_9465IMG_9465 IMG_9460IMG_9460 IMG_9434IMG_9434