Baby Leo

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Welcome to the world baby Leo!!! This cutie decided to take his sweet time to arrive , but now he is here and his mommy and daddy are loving up on him!   I still can't get over how cute Leo looked in his lion outfit, he is the most adorable lion cub ever!  Leo is also the first baby to keep my baby blankets pee free which is always appreciated:)  Leo was a very easy baby to photograph and I had the best time holding and working with him.   Leo is a very lucky boy to have such amazing loving parents and I can't wait to watch him grow.  

Here are a few of my favorites of this cutie....

IMG_7657IMG_7657 IMG_7656IMG_7656 IMG_7646IMG_7646 IMG_7644IMG_7644 IMG_7643IMG_7643 IMG_7636IMG_7636 IMG_7670IMG_7670 IMG_7673IMG_7673 IMG_7676IMG_7676 IMG_7678IMG_7678 IMG_7683IMG_7683 IMG_7684IMG_7684 IMG_7728IMG_7728 IMG_7705IMG_7705 IMG_7701IMG_7701 IMG_7689IMG_7689

40th Wedding Anniversary

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Forty years of love and marriage is something that every couple should strive for.  That is forty years of bliss, hard work, compromises, understanding, and unconditional love.  Rick and Kim celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on a beautiful April evening with family and friends .  Their celebration was held at the beautiful Rouge winery with an amazing band that entertained their guests and delicious food and gelato truck.   Not only are Rick and Kim some of the best people to be around, but they also surround themselves with down to earth kind friends and family.   Their daughter helped throw this amazing party for them and I can tell how excited she was to do this for her very deserving parents.    Thank you so much to this incredible family having me capture their beautiful evening and to share their celebration.  Congratulations Rick and Kim and I know you will have many more years of love and laughter ahead of you!

Here are a few of my favorites from their celebration...

IMG_6873IMG_6873 IMG_6867IMG_6867 IMG_6879IMG_6879 IMG_6884IMG_6884 IMG_6885IMG_6885 IMG_6889IMG_6889 IMG_6892IMG_6892 IMG_6899IMG_6899 IMG_7070IMG_7070 IMG_7071IMG_7071 IMG_7075IMG_7075 IMG_8390IMG_8390 IMG_8444IMG_8444 IMG_7077IMG_7077 IMG_6909IMG_6909 IMG_6912IMG_6912 IMG_7021IMG_7021 IMG_7111IMG_7111 IMG_7114IMG_7114 IMG_7121IMG_7121 IMG_7254IMG_7254 IMG_7260IMG_7260 IMG_7326IMG_7326 IMG_7344IMG_7344 IMG_7359IMG_7359 IMG_7377IMG_7377 IMG_7392IMG_7392   IMG_7395IMG_7395 IMG_7397IMG_7397 IMG_7407IMG_7407 IMG_7419IMG_7419 IMG_7478IMG_7478 IMG_7517IMG_7517 IMG_7519IMG_7519 IMG_7550IMG_7550 IMG_7570IMG_7570 IMG_7574IMG_7574 IMG_8483IMG_8483 IMG_8490IMG_8490 IMG_8538IMG_8538 IMG_8543IMG_8543 IMG_8548IMG_8548 IMG_8566IMG_8566 IMG_8595IMG_8595

Lauren's senior portraits

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This country bell is graduating Delta High and is ready to go off to college! She is still undecided on which college she wants to attend because she has so many amazing colleges that want her.  I have known Lauren's family for a very long time and I am so excited to see what life has in store for this wonderful girl.  We took her pictures at her grandparents property in the River Delta and in the pear blossoms.  Lauren is so smart, sweet, and beautiful and I had the best time taking her senior pictures!  Congratulations Lauren!!! 

Here are some of my favorites from her senior session...


IMG_6127IMG_6127 IMG_6132IMG_6132 IMG_6138IMG_6138 IMG_6147IMG_6147 IMG_6165IMG_6165 IMG_6184IMG_6184 IMG_6204IMG_6204 IMG_6212IMG_6212 IMG_8302IMG_8302 IMG_6220IMG_6220 IMG_6223IMG_6223 IMG_6239IMG_6239 IMG_6247IMG_6247 IMG_6268IMG_6268 IMG_6279IMG_6279 IMG_6297IMG_6297 IMG_6299IMG_6299 IMG_6312IMG_6312 IMG_6252IMG_6252

Emily's Senior Portraits!

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This beautiful girl is ready for graduation and is going to rock it at Nevada College!!! Senior year is always so exciting and filled with so many memories and experiences! Emily was so much fun to work with and so photogenic and natural in front of the camera.  She brought her adorable  pet bunny for some pictures and I couldn't get over how cute he was with his floppy ears!!  Emily is such a sweet girl and I know that she will do many wonderful things and be very successful! Congratulations on graduation Emily!!!

Here are a few of the many highlights from her session...

IMG_5660IMG_5660 IMG_5677IMG_5677 IMG_5687IMG_5687 IMG_5689IMG_5689 IMG_5700IMG_5700 IMG_5710IMG_5710 IMG_5722IMG_5722 IMG_5728IMG_5728 IMG_5751IMG_5751 IMG_5756IMG_5756 IMG_5770IMG_5770 IMG_5794IMG_5794 IMG_5796IMG_5796 IMG_5802IMG_5802 IMG_5804IMG_5804 IMG_5821IMG_5821 IMG_5826IMG_5826

Kaitlynn and Tyson's pregnancy announcement

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 The trees are in bloom and a sweet baby is coming soon! Kaitlynn and Tyson are excited to announce that they will become a family of 3 in August!   I love photographing Kaitlynn and Tyson, they have such an amazing chemistry and love that shows in every picture!!! I always have the hardest time choosing only a few pictures to post of them because every picture they take is adorable.  I was so excited when Kaitlynn told me she was pregnant and wanted a fun way to announce it to everyone.  We took the pictures on a rainy day in a cherry orchard that was in bloom.   Every time I take their pictures the weather calls for rain, and then like magic the sun comes out to leave us with amazing weather for pictures.   Big brother Charlie joined us for a few of the pictures and to steal some of the spot light .  They brought pink and blue balloons because they will soon be finding out if it will be a baby girl or baby boy.  Thank you so much Kaitlynn and Tyson for always having me photograph your big special life events and I am so happy for the both of you.   This sweet baby will be loved so much and have the best parents!

Here are a few of the images I had to share...

IMG_5059IMG_5059 IMG_5056IMG_5056 IMG_4980IMG_4980 IMG_4985IMG_4985 IMG_4988IMG_4988 IMG_4995IMG_4995 IMG_4998IMG_4998 IMG_5006IMG_5006 IMG_5014IMG_5014 IMG_5020IMG_5020 IMG_5030IMG_5030 IMG_5041IMG_5041 IMG_5048IMG_5048 IMG_5075IMG_5075 IMG_5100IMG_5100 IMG_5110IMG_5110 IMG_5134IMG_5134